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Softwashing or Pressure Washing

Starting A Pressure Washing Business

The big decision you're going to have to make when you get started offering pressure washing services to your clients is if you want to offer softwashing as a means to differentiate yourself from the herd of craigslist cowboys. It is no secret that customers do not like high pressure on their home's siding and for good reason, it prematurely ages the siding and can cause actual damage that cannot be reversed. So if you're starting a pressure washing business, think long and hard about what type of service you would like to provide. As an owner of a exterior cleaning company, I can tell you that high end homeowners ASK me on the regular about low pressure washing on their siding and it is a major selling point when closing the deal to clean the exterior of their home. 

  • How to command more POWER in your marketplace. (The big guys know this)
  • How to align with a prospects emotions so you can make price irrelevant in your prospects eyes. 
  • The key to using exclusivity to raise your prices. 
  • Capitalizing on a prospects natural tendency for group think.
  • How we close average ticket prices and cleaning packages of $1000 or more for nearly every job we do.
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