5 Tips To Six Figures In Pressure Washing


You Own A Pressure Washing Marketing Business

Contrary to popular belief we are not a pressure washing business. We are a marketing business who HAPPENS to do pressure washing. So this involves an intensive focus on marketing, sales and retention = new & repeat business. All three facets cross pollinate on themselves, but if I can get you to think of your Pressure Washing Business as a marketing business and less about just spraying water, we may be able to break out of the vortex of bottom dollar services and go from allowing the “market” to dictate our price and our lifestyle to us having much more control over this portion of our life.

What Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Creative people are unique in that they can see something of potential, behind what is

Become aware of the typical patterns that you fall into; driving to work, to the gas station, to church, and home, and loosen up beyond the rails you have cemented yourself into through routine. Maybe you have a feedback loop you’re stuck in that makes you continuously get to the edge of “jumping into a business” and you stop, turn around and run the other way, knowing that your freedom is on the other end of you jumping two feet into this new venture. Analyze why you do this, listen to yourself rationalize massive action away to postpone-age over and over again. Then break the feedback loop and JUMP. The worst that can happen, is currently happening to you.

Bet On Yourself

I see this happen all the time when it pertains to new guys getting started and sadly I wish that our childhood conditioning of low self esteem and the reliance on the government or anyone for that matter hadn’t been so “virtuously” engrained. You remember the scorpion and the frog story?

The scorpion offers the frog a ride across the river, and the frog tells the scorpion that he’s normally untrusting of scorpions because they kill frogs…and if he stings him they will both die in the middle of the river. The scorpion promises to get him across safely and the frog rationalizes the death of the scorpion killing himself as incentive to not sting him, because they’ll both die. Mid-way through the river, the scorpion shoves his stinger into the frog's back, and as the frog is being pumped full of venom about to die he says “but scorpion, you promised to not sting me”. The scorpion says, but you knew I was a scorpion, stinging is what I do.

Remember during this time of you starting your business, you have to weigh the advice people give you. An old uncle that you love dearly, may know nothing about making money but loves to run his mouth may have his opinion about why you should stay at the mill and get the 401k and the health benefits and all the other “nice” things that come with being in prison…er I mean working a job.

Remove the negative nancys from your life, at least in the advice column silence them when they’re around and let their advice go in one ear and out the other. You have to protect your mind during the early times in your business, especially if this is your first one. The worst thing that could happen is that you buy your broke uncle's advice and you turn out like him.

This is the time to bet on yourself; trust yourself.


Focus On Low Hanging Fruit

The beauty of our business is we can see dirty stuff that needs to be cleaned as we drive by a location. It’s easy to see that a house or business is dirty and it’s even easier to stop in a chat about having it cleaned…BY YOU! Unlike owning an auto shop, like my dad, that requires people to drive up to your shop and request service when something sounds weird underneath the hood, and that’s when the selling process begins.

In our business of pressure washing, we can see things in our normal daily drive around town and capitalize on them to the tune of thousands of dollars. It’s truly unique, and unlike auto shops or HVAC or other service businesses we can be proactive in our selling as opposed to being reactive. This one thing alone holds HUGE weight in terms of being able to get started fast and get the business to six figures and beyond. Just see stuff and go talk to people about cleaning it!

Don’t Forget The Fundamentals

Nothing, and I mean nothing will ever replace the super effective age old “phone call.” We can get “digital this” and “ad spend that,” but when it comes down to retention and repeat business along with closing current jobs that are still in “pending land,” the phone call is the KING. We sometimes want the computer to do all the work, especially when we get an email campaign set up and automated text messages etc. I understand that automated request, because it takes a load off of your back, but never forget the closing method of assassin closers is still the phone call. It will never go away, until we find a way to use telekinesis or something of the like. Human connection will close more deals for you than you ever thought possible.

In conclusion, the bells and whistles added in the right order do help, I will admit that. But the journey from getting started to six figures in your business will all come back to self esteem, being consistent and a genuine desire to win. Lean & Mean Out

Conclusion: How To Own A Six Figure Pressure Washing Business

Get a site early, because an aged site is 1 million times better than a new site. If you want the team who manages my #1 ranking site click here. 

The second key is having the site built properly. You’re not going to get the same results from a WIX site or a 35$ mo template site…or worst of all a FREE site. Dear lord, save your time and energy. You’re not going to be happy with the rankings, and lead flow with one of those types of sites.

How do I know?

I had one, AND none of them rank on even the first page in my city. That should tell you something.

Second, answer the damn phone. When leads do call, please just answer and proceed to start giving them an estimate. You’d be surprised at how many “successful” businesses almost won’t answer the phone. Its insane.

Third, develop a recurring way of keeping in touch with old customers. These customers have already given you their money and would more than likely do it again. Stay in front of them, however you have to.