What Equipment Do I Need To Start A Pressure Washing Business?

Starting a pressure washing business, or any business for that matter can be a very daunting task. You need to prepare everything that you will need to give your business a nice jumpstart. Although it can be very challenging, having the proper guidance and tips from the experts and the more experienced in the field can help you start with little or no mess at all.


Aside from acquiring the skills that you need to make your pressure washing business grow, one essential aspect that you need to do is to prepare the equipment for the business. 


If you are just in the start-up phase of the pressure washing business, what equipment do you need? It is common knowledge that one predicament that new business owners face is funding. Without understanding the basics and know-how, you might be spending your money on pieces of equipment that you might not actually need when starting and later realizing you do not have those that you actually need for the moment.  


Here is the list of the basic equipment so that you can start your pressure washing business right away.


Pressure Washer

Of course, you cannot do pressure washing without a pressure washer. Having one does not mean that you actually need to buy a new one. Many pressure washing business owners started small by renting a pressure washer or buying an old, used one. You can also do the same. 


For starters, you do not need to have costly, high-powered machines. Many started with the basics like a four-gallon per minute machine or those with 2500 psi. Cleaning may be slow-paced with these types of machines but it is just okay when you are just starting. You can start earning without hurting your pocket.

Be sure that you understand how pressure washers work. Errors in using it can cause damage to properties and injuries to pets and humans.

See a pressure washer that we recommend beginners use here


Surface Cleaner

If you are looking for better cleaning results, you cannot do pressure washing without a surface cleaner.  A surface cleaner is an attachment or an accessory that is used in cleaning wide or large areas as you would always do in pressure washing. A surface cleaner is composed of a wide brush that is attached to the pressure washer. With the use of surface cleaners, cleaning jobs can be accomplished faster and easier with more satisfying results.  Better opt for streak-free surface cleaners that leave no marks for a cleaner finish. Different types of surface cleaners are available in stores in different price ranges.

See a surface cleaner that we recommend beginners use here


Pressure Washer Spray Gun

Pressure washers should always be used with a gun. It sprays and aims the water (and cleaner) to the target area for cleaning. The pressure washing gun is designed to handle the pressure of the pressure washing machine. If you use a pressure washer without the gun, you might injure yourself or others. It can even cause damage to the surface you are cleaning and nearby objects. 

A wand is a long stainless steel tube attached to the pressure washer gun.  A nozzle tip is then attached to the wand. The range or width of the spray varies with the type of nozzle used. The nozzle restricts water flow from a continuous source thus creating more force or pressure.

Do note that a nozzle that creates too much pressure may cause damage to properties. It is always advised to choose the right type of nozzle for every pressure washing job. Nozzles are color-coded depending on the degree. They are categorized as 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree. The higher the degree, the wider is the sheet of water, thus creating a gentler spray. Gentler spray held at the right distance can be used in cleaning more fragile surfaces like vinyl siding and windows. Stronger pressure can be used on harder surfaces like concrete.

See a pressure washer spray gun that we recommend beginners use here



Big and more established pressure washing businesses have large water tanks for their cleaning projects. During the start-up phase, investing in water tanks can cause you a lot of money. For the newbies in the business, you can get started by using a hose. During a cleaning project, you can connect your hose to your customer’s water source and get the job done. Depending on the distance of the area to be cleaned to the water source, that’s the length of hose that you will need.


Downstream Injector

One trick that will do a lot of magic for every pressure cleaning job is using a downstream injector. You cannot thoroughly clean or disinfect anything without a cleaning solution. A downstream injector makes applying bleach, soap, detergent, or chemical solutions easier. This saves time, allowing you to finish cleaning jobs faster while giving more satisfactory results. 

This is the downstream injector we recommend here: 


Other Add-ons:

Hose Swivel – It makes pressure washing easier as it allows the wand to move independently from the hose and avoids kinking.

Hose Valve – With this, you can hook or unhook your wand, shut off the pressure without having to shut down the machine all the time. That makes the job less complicated. 


With the basic equipment mentioned, you can give your pressure washing business a go. You can also put these in your truck and you are good to go in the neighborhood to make that extra money.


As you start earning, you can save up for other equipment that you might need. Spend your earnings wisely and invest in your business. You can give your existing equipment the much-needed upgrade or replace them with better ones. Doing so will allow you to accept more cleaning jobs, even those that are bigger and more complicated. You will be more confident and you can always assure your customers’ satisfaction. You can offer other types of cleaning jobs as you acquire other equipment. More jobs mean more money! 


Starting a pressure washing business can be your first step to your journey of being self-employed and spending more time with yourself and your family.


If you want to know more about starting a pressure washing business, Lean and Mean Academy offers short courses to help you succeed. Know the basic skills and strategies that can help you make more money and be your own boss.