How To Make Money Pressure Washing?

All entrepreneurs want their business to become a success. To make this possible, they familiarize themselves with the business operations. They also want to learn from the pioneers and experts in the same field to gain more knowledge and understand the business more. 


Pressure washing can be a profitable business. Whether you are planning to start one or you are already in the startup phase, here are some points that we would like to share with you to make more money in your pressure washing business.


Understand Pressure Washing

You can not make the most of the pressure washing business if you do not understand pressure washing itself. Know the fundamentals and understand how pressure washing works. Understand the lingo. How is pressure washing differ from power washing? Simply put power washing use heat when cleaning while power washing does not. What is GPM? This means gallon per minute. It refers to the volume or flow rate of water that will pass through the pressure washer’s nozzle every minute. The higher the GPM, the quicker you can wash a surface. What is PSI? It means pounds per square inch. It is the intensity of the pressure that the machine sprays. Higher PSI means a stronger force compared with lower ones. Understand what type of machine or cleaning process is suitable for particular surfaces for effective cleaning. Pressure washing is not a one size fit all job. Master these things to avoid damage to properties.


These are just some of the basics. Learn to understand pressure washing as a whole and you can do well and make profits as you turn it into a business.


Learn How To Close The Deal

One amazing skill that pressure washing business owners should possess is learning how to close a deal.  Practice so that you can learn how to talk and sell. It is undeniable that many deals are being discussed and closed on the phone. It is advisable to acquire proper phoning skills. Be personable and create a good atmosphere with your customers. Talk with confidence and gusto. Be sure to sound professional and be assertive. Talk with enthusiasm and certainty. Let the customers feel that you know what you are saying (and you do!) and that you have the courage to close the deal. Most of the deals are closed with enough courage coupled with the necessary skills. Sometimes, the lack of confidence and self-esteem can hamper sales and turn downed deals.


Study Your Market

Where are you planning to set up your business? Is the business feasible to flourish in the area or perhaps in its nearby areas? How is the weather there? What is the population? Are there numerous residential and commercial buildings in it? All of these can be factors that can affect your business. Do some study and research before starting a pressure washing business. You can either visit the place or do your research online. Urban areas can offer higher demands for your service. Employed homeowners and owners of larger companies and business establishments may opt to hire pressure washing services regularly than do it themselves. 


Know The Marketing Strategy

How can you make your pressure washing business be known? What is your game plan for it to reach more people and turn them into potential consumers and customers? If you understand pressure washing itself, it can be easier for you to market it. Let your customers know its benefits. Primarily, that is to increase a building’s curb appeal, make properties long-lasting, and help owners save time and money in cleaning and relieve them of the stress that goes with it if they will be the ones who will personally do it. There are so many advantages that you can always share with them. But how will they know about it? How will they know the services you offer? How will they know the satisfaction that other customers get when they hire you? A good marketing strategy will do the trick.


In today’s world when the power of social media and the internet is undeniable, you can promote your business online. You can start by using a lower-cost website or create pages or accounts on existing social media platforms. Do regular posting. Allow engagement and let the people ask or comment. Encourage customers to give ratings on your projects through the website. Know the pillars that can make people decide to choose you. Understand how SEO works to increase traffic flow so people will visit you online. When you target a bigger reach, it can lead to more prospects that can mean more deals and more jobs.


Stay Consistent and Continually Upgrade

When you are just starting, prepare to work for long hours and be hands-on with the job. You can start the business with only the basic equipment. As you earn and you gain more customers, you can expand the business. You can also invest in additional equipment that can allow you to accept more jobs. You can hire additional employees and divide the tasks to them. They should always work under your supervision. Learn how to properly price your service and understand the value of being able to negotiate to make your business grow. Learn to take good care of customers and have open communication with them. As you progress, try to learn more techniques and know the innovations related to pressure washing. It is not just the equipment or the staff that needs an upgrade, but also you and your skills. Watch instructional videos, enroll in short courses, and learn from experience. All these and more can help you improve as a pressure-washing entrepreneur that will help your business grow.


Are you interested in house washing, window cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, and the likes? Do you want it not only as a hobby or for property maintenance? If you want to make pressure washing a business that can give you a regular income, we are always ready to assist you to make achieving your goal possible.


We offer pressure washing training and short courses that will discuss everything that you will need to know in managing a pressure washing business that can turn you from a newbie to an expert professional. Feel free to contact us for more information.