He Has Three Footbridge Media Websites


He Has Three Footbridge Media Websites And Is Crushing OKC

Dominic Urban of Urban Cleaning Pros emailed me a few weeks back and right out the gate told me he wanted to come on the channel because he loves Footbridge Media so much, he has 3 websites with them.

Everyone on the channel knows that I am a huge fan of footbridge media, as they build my contractor website. They also built my brother's contractor website and a slew of other pressure washing killers in the inner circle.

He's crushing it in two pressure washing businesses, solar installation and there may be a 4th business in the tank.

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  • How to command more POWER in your marketplace. (The big guys know this)
  • How to align with a prospects emotions so you can make price irrelevant in your prospects eyes. 
  • The key to using exclusivity to raise your prices. 
  • Capitalizing on a prospects natural tendency for group think.
  • How we close average ticket prices and cleaning packages of $1000 or more for nearly every job we do.
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