My Story

I was 27-years-old and in my worst state. I had no money, and I had to do something fast or I was going to lose my son. I had to make a change.
I saw a guy cleaning windows in the strip mall lot I was sleeping in, and I immediately went to the local Lowes home improvement store so I could get a squeegee. I didn’t know what I was doing at all. I’m a guy who didn’t pass college, did OK in high school, and toured as a musician for the majority of the last ten years.

Broke as a joke, completely humiliated, I took out a $600 loan from my parents and got started in the window cleaning business.

“From sleeping in his van and bathing at the 24hr gym, to multiple six figure business in 2 years!”

Professional Bio

One of the most sought after marketers alive today. Known for his ability to connect with almost anyone on the planet, he leverages his networking prowess through his highly renowned Genius Network, and GeniusX masterminds with household guests like Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, and John Mackay coming in to share their wisdom with the groups.
With these events, as well as his work as a consultant, Joe has helped to build thousands of businesses, generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, and changed the lives of many others through his charitable causes including:,, Genius Recovery, and Sir Richard Branson’s Foundation, Virgin Unite. Joe continues to be a prominent figure in the world of business and entrepreneurship, reaching people not only through his business endeavors, but through various forms of media as well. He’s the co-founder of two popular podcasts, 10XTalk and iLoveMarketing.
  • How to command more POWER in your marketplace. (The big guys know this)
  • How to align with a prospects emotions so you can make price irrelevant in your prospects eyes. 
  • The key to using exclusivity to raise your prices. 
  • Capitalizing on a prospects natural tendency for group think.
  • How we close average ticket prices and cleaning packages of $1000 or more for nearly every job we do.
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