Local SEO For Pressure Washing

When we started off, was optimized heavily for Softwashing, and while that is an awesome service that they perform, google doesn’t quite understand what softwashing is. So we had to make some changes.

Google My Business SEO

November 2019

March 2020

According to Pierce this is the month he did close to $40,000 in revenue. At the point of writing this case study we have already made major progress.

  • How to command more POWER in your marketplace. (The big guys know this)
  • How to align with a prospects emotions so you can make price irrelevant in your prospects eyes. 
  • The key to using exclusivity to raise your prices. 
  • Capitalizing on a prospects natural tendency for group think.
  • How we close average ticket prices and cleaning packages of $1000 or more for nearly every job we do.
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