I built this page for my Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning youtube subscribers.

If you aren't subscribed, go ahead and click the subscribe button on one of the videos to get my updates. I see it over and over again in this industry, where sales, marketing, and equipment continually bewilder us and thus we take no action because of confusion. Or we are in a pricing matrix, thinking that we “cant” charge what others are charging because of our area. I hope with the build out of this site, I can help demystify some of these issues that hold us back as we have continuously stolen business from cheaper companies in our area and we do it daily. This has proven to me that the sales and qualification process that I've painstakingly obsessed over tweaking for two years is sitting right in sweet spot I hoped it would.

I have already had some of the “big” guys in the industry come after me, getting mad and emailing me regarding my high-ticket divulgence and pricing, because they sell soap. Unfortunately soap doesn't directly make you money. 

My promise to you, is to only offer you products/services that actually move the needle. That actually make you MONEY. This is the only way to move ahead. Recognize now that this is not going to be popular among the ‘higher ups' who sell equipment and soap. So keep this site between us for now.

Take Care. – Aaron

Disclaimer: My results are not typical, and most people are lazy, don't be most people.

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